Heart shaped saucer (candlestick) – Nurit Teva

/Heart shaped saucer (candlestick) – Nurit Teva

Heart shaped saucer (candlestick) – Nurit Teva

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In the picture, small saucers painted colorfully painted. To be used in many ways, as candlesticks for Shabat or daily use or even as small serving dish. The imagination of the artist Nurit Teva combines colors with nature, adds light and joy to the
home. The works of artist Nurit Teva are meticulously handcrafted, combining raw material into a finished product filled with love.

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Length 8 cm
Width 7 cm
Height 2 cm
Weight 80 Grams

* The candlestick comes with 2 candles at no additional charge
* Can be ordered in additional colors on request


A handmade candlestick, adds a unique design to every home. The candlestick is used to light candles in general and to light Shabbat candles in particular.

The color selection is made using Blue and Red shades for protection from bad luck (Evil-eye in Hebrew), the Turquoise shades for rappelling negative energy’s, Purple to help us connect with the spiritual parts of the soul and Green is the symbol of good health. Furthermore Fish elements in the art pieces is the symbol of fertility and abundance.

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7 cm


2 cm


80 Grams

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