Hamsa with blessing – מזל טוב (Hebrew)

/Hamsa with blessing – מזל טוב (Hebrew)

Hamsa with blessing – מזל טוב (Hebrew)

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Handmade ceramic Hamsa combined with the word (מזל טוב) GOOD LUCK – with a bouquet of flowers in its center as part of the blessings. Suitable for any event, birthday,engagement, new job, birth of a boy/girl. The Hamsa is packed in an organza bag, a lovely gift for loved ones, a designed gift for the home and office

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Length 9 cm
Width 7.5 cm
Height 0.5 cm
Weight 60 Grams


HAMSA – The protective hand – the hand is the most important symbol of protection as well as offering a defense against the evil eye. In addition, the hand symbolizes abundance, success, and wealth. It combines meaningful symbolic colors and motives such as: the colors blue and red for protection against the evil eye, turquoise to ward off negative energies, purple for connection to spirituality, and green for health. Fish is a symbol for fertility and abundance

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9 cm


7.5 cm


0.5 cm


60 Grams

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