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/Hamsa With 7 Blessing -Avital & Osnat

Hamsa With 7 Blessing -Avital & Osnat

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A ceramic Hamsa with  7 blessings for hanging on the wall at the office or home.

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Length  13.5 cm
Width  11.5 cm
Weight 90 Grams


A designed Hamsa in various colors that can be suitable for hanging on the wall at the office or home.

Bout Avital and Osnat graduated from HIT (Holon Institute of Technology) with a bachelor’s degree in design.

Bout of them create in ceramic in multitude of simple yet special technics, use of a multitude of colors and special emphasis in soft pastel colors.

“Our shared experience was accumulated during years of work and brought us to finding different and original solutions in the making process of our products. Thanks to our love curiosity and many years of work we manage to renew and surprise.”

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Yellow-Silver, White -Gold


13.5 cm


11.5 cm


90 Grams

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