Adi Sidler Pocket Hanukkah Menorah- Black

/Adi Sidler Pocket Hanukkah Menorah- Black

Adi Sidler Pocket Hanukkah Menorah- Black


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In the picture Adi Sidler pocket Menorah ,This Menorah consists of two parts, one inner piece holding the candle cups while the outer piece can be shifted, allowing another candle to be lit each night. The words “These candles that we light,” are written in Hebrew. They are the opening words from the classic Hanukkah prayer said immediately after candle lighting.

An amazing gift for a Bar/ Bat Mitzvah, wedding, birthday or any other special occasion.

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Length 1.9 cm
Width 18 cm
Height 1.9 cm
Weight 119 Grams


Adi works in the mediums of stainless steel and aluminum metals, and combines Plexiglas, wood, paper, rubber and other materials to create his characteristic clean minimalistic lines, with an emphasis on every detail, enabling him to create a high quality stunning product.
Today, in his studio at his home in Shoham, Israel, he continues to innovate in Judaica.


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