Adi Sidler Angle Mezuzah – 8 cm

/Adi Sidler Angle Mezuzah – 8 cm

Adi Sidler Angle Mezuzah – 8 cm

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In the picture Adi Sidler Angle Mezuzah ,The square front and sides, elegantly unadorned, are highlighted with an intriguing silver “shin” letter above, on top of the case..  A beautiful blending of tradition and modern art that will transform the iconic symbol of Jewish tradition into a stylish decoration for the entrance way of any home, room or office.

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Length 10 cm
Width 1.5 cm
Height 1.5 cm
Weight 31 Grams


The Mezuzah Bring beauty and protection to your home with this contemporary-style brushed aluminum Mezuzah case designed by Israeli Judaica artist, Adi Sidler. A distinguished graduate of Bezalel Academy of Art, he takes pride in blending Jewish tradition with a sleek minimalistic style that is in keeping with modern style decor.

Adi works in the mediums of stainless steel and aluminum metals, and combines Plexiglas, wood, paper, rubber and other materials to create his characteristic clean minimalistic lines, with an emphasis on every detail, enabling him to create a high quality stunning product.
Today, in his studio at his home in Shoham, Israel, he continues to innovate in Judaica.

Please note: Mezuzah scroll is not included.

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