Michal is an artist who lives in a Kibbutz in the south of Israel create in many styles: sculpture, pottery, panting, stained glass, paper Mache and many more…
“In my youth I participated in many ceramic classes and that is when I discovered my deep love for the material who became my second nature and my addiction.”
“I was always fascinated of the way of the clay, who arrives as a big and half flexible block, lets it self to the creation of many art pieces in endless modes and technics. From sculpting to pottery and how the drying painting and baking of the clay makes it strong and almost everlasting.”
“My experience with the material lead me to work mainly to working by hand. I prefer to create big and massive art pieces with a natural look that resemble stone sculptures with little splashes of color.”
“In the last 10 years, after my specialized studies, I earned different technics like Pit Baking of ceramics, Rako Baking, Sigalta Baking and more…”
“Creating with clay is a fascinatingprocess with countless possibilities, the use of the baking oven renders a great joy and anticipation each and every time, what’s next? Who did it came out?”