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Nurit Teva

Israeli ceramic artist NuritTeva has a meaningful name: Nurit is buttercup flower‚ one of the best known flowers of Israel while Teva means nature and is just the right name for her and reflects her love to everything around her. NuritTeva is a fourth generation in Israel and was born in the first quarter of Tel Aviv. Nurit studied art for four years in WIZO France High School and has been creating authentic art in ceramics for 47years now. In the early 70s‚ Nurit started working in the Williams House‚ a studio located in an old house near the town of Eilat‚ where she specialized in creating wall decorations made of natural clay from the copper mines of King Solomon. Later‚ enthralled by the Hamsa‚ hand for protection and good luck‚ she saw over the years‚ Nurit started creating her own authentic ceramic Hamsa art. Nurit works and creates in a peaceful‚ rural atmosphere in her studio in Moshav Ben-Shemen‚ which is on the ancient Roman road to Jerusalem. Her artistic work is influenced by oriental motifs which are typical of Mediterranean countries‚ Morocco and Spain. Nurit developed her own unique style; it combines smooth surfaces with rough ones and natural colors with glaze coating a combination that creates an interesting contrast. Her designs are original‚ and her work is completely hand-made‚ fired in a kiln in very high temperatures. Today Nurit expanded the range of her  ceramic works and handcrafts ceramic candle holders‚ Chanukah Menorahs‚ Home blessings and many more.


Michal is an artist who lives in a Kibbutz in the south of Israel create in many styles: sculpture, pottery, panting, stained glass, paper Mache and many more…
“In my youth I participated in many ceramic classes and that is when I discovered my deep love for the material who became my second nature and my addiction.”
“I was always fascinated of the way of the clay, who arrives as a big and half flexible block, lets it self to the creation of many art pieces in endless modes and technics. From sculpting to pottery and how the drying painting and baking of the clay makes it strong and almost everlasting.”
“My experience with the material lead me to work mainly to working by hand. I prefer to create big and massive art pieces with a natural look that resemble stone sculptures with little splashes of color.”
“In the last 10 years, after my specialized studies, I earned different technics like Pit Baking of ceramics, Rako Baking, Sigalta Baking and more…”
“Creating with clay is a fascinatingprocess with countless possibilities, the use of the baking oven renders a great joy and anticipation each and every time, what’s next? Who did it came out?”


Studio Yuhvetz is a new artsand design Israeli-based studio, founded by Yuri Yuhvetz, an artist of the second generation. In our family studio we produce hand-made works with a lot of passion and unique art design. Our work process is dynamic and goes through many stages until the finished product with the highest of results is completed. We work with a wide range of materials, most notably iron which does not rust and is precisely cut using a cutting laser technique according to a computer sketch. Moreover, our pieces are colored by hand and are therefore one of a kind items. Once the coloring process is completed, our works are covered with a layer of Varnish (lacquer) which gives all our products a nice look and high protection. Our studio also accepts private orders and is always happy to make customer’s unique ideas come true.

Avital & Osnat

Both Avital and Osnat graduated from HIT (Holon Institute of Technology) with a bachelor’s degree in design.
Both of them create in ceramic in multitude of simple yet special techniques, use of a multitude of colors and special emphasis in soft pastel colors.
In their work there is special love to fishes, Hamssas, owl’s, stars, flower’s, mushroom’s, birds, cactus plant’s and many more…
“Our shared experience was accumulated during years of work and brought us to finding different and original solutions in the making process of our products. Thanks to our love curiosity and many years of work we manage to renew and surprise.”

Lily Art

Lily Shohat is an artist, creator and designer of Judaica products and decorative accessories that include: bowls, vases and other beautiful and useful items which are unique in many ways, especially her use of rich and exciting colors.
By employing a variety of techniques on glass, metals and other materials, we are able to create original Israeli art that is traditional and yet innovative and always designed to perfection.
We have recently updated our collection to include a new line of embroidered textiles. They are designed to complement our Judaica series. This combination of Judaica and textiles has allowed us to create a fully integrated and complimentary designer collection.
All products are hand-made and are produced in our factory in Canot Center, Israel.

Adi Sidler

Adi was born in Tel Aviv in 1970. After completing his studies, he began creating products for the home and office with an emphasis on hand-crafted items. He then began designing Judaica products, using both innovative as well as industrial techniques, such as industrial laser cutting, machine techniques and more.
Adi works in the mediums of stainless steel and aluminum metals, and combines Plexiglas, wood, paper, rubber and other materials to create his characteristic clean minimalistic lines, with an emphasis on every detail, enabling him to create a high quality stunning product.
Today, in his studio at his home in Shoham, Israel, he continues to innovate in Judaica.

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