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My name is Elad Teva, a graduate of business administration and economics at Ben Gurion University.

At the beginning of my career I marketed my mother’s art, Nurit Teva, a ceramic artist for 45 years, to stores throughout Israel. Then,

I founded “Dadole – Things We Love” in 2007, as a business that markets Israeli art to stores.

And in time I added to the “Dadole”, other artists who produce art from various materials such as wood, iron, ceramic, and more ..

I choose the handwork that I present to you meticulously in detail, so that you can enjoy the quality and unique selection.

My goal is to bring Israeli art closer to the entire population around the world. To this end, I present a large selection of handmade crafts and artsall are made in Israel on the site, which aresuitable for home, office, courtyard, holiday gifts and more.

I pay close attention to reliability, the courteous and pleasant service and the speed that the product will reach your home.

I also understand that the new world is very dynamic and therefore I occasionally renew the range of products on the site.

I will be happy to hear from you about every request and question: +972 523733793

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